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We offer an API which not only allows you to reconcile prices, seasons and occupancy with SECRA Fewo-Channelmanager, but also allows you to re-enter all of the landlord and property master data (API onboarding) and to maintain it on an ongoing basis.

Master data, images, texts, equipment features, seasons, prices, reservations, etc. – do everything using one API!

Landlord Management API

Using the Landlord Management API, you can enter landlords in SECRA Fewo-Channelmanager.de and update the data. This API is useful if you have a lot of landlords or if you want to update the landlord master data frequently.

Object Management API

The Object Management API allows you to enter and update all property master data for a landlord that already exists in the system. Using this tool, you can update images, features, texts, characteristics, etc.

Core/Booking API

The Core/Booking API is at the heart of our API: Here you can write/read availability as well as logging season times, prices and additional services. You can also use this to make a real time inquiry concerning data and reservation data to transfer this to your system.

It’s so simple

1. We each sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement)
2. You will gain an overview of our API documentation
3. You will then receive a test account for the system and begin the development process
4. When you have finished, tests and interface acceptance take place
5. You will receive a live account and feed the data into the live system

Would you like more information about our API?

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